Let Surachi make the difference for you

Surachi and Company enjoys
property management.
It’s not merely our business,
it is what we do best.

We’re an effective team
of players committed
to the well-being and
best interest of our clients
and their property.

These are the services
we provide . . .
  • Smooth Transition Period
    Our first priority is to visit the property. Each tenant is contacted personally so that we may introduce ourselves and become aware of any issues they may have at the onset. Each vender is contacted to verify the scope and terms of the service they provide as well as the account status. Formal letters of introduction are sent to each tenant and vendor advising them of where they may contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tenant Leases are reviewed and relevant data regarding lease expiration, renewal, options to extend, CPI increase/Anniversary date, etc. are input into our system so that we may monitor rental increases and lease negotiation.

  • Effective Rent Collection
    Surachi takes great pride in our proven ability to timely collect rents, mitigate rent delinquency and provide an arena for the tenant to maintain the integrity of their lease commitment by remaining current in their rental payments.

  • Concise Monthly Reporting
    Our specially designed computer program provides you with the necessary monthly accounting reports, including general ledger, cash receipt/cash disbursement journal, check register, bank statement reconciliation, etc. Additionally, we provide the updated tenant list, delinquency list and a monthly narrative for the preceding month. Also, included (so that all relevant information is at your fingertips) will be a summary page which will highlight income, expense, and a brief narrative.

  • Property Inspection Report
    A Property Inspection Report will be filed immediately upon take- over of the property and semi-annually thereafter. This report will provide a brief overview of our assessment of the conditioin of the property, any recommendations we may have relative to the maintenance and upkeep and/or any comment we may have with regard to possibilities which may be available to improve the marketability or enhance the owner’s equity.

  • Efficient Control of Operations
    Surachi’s trained staff includes a licensed General Contractor and a Chief Engineer, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any operational situations which may occur such as air conditioning, plumbing, fire life safety systems, and general maintenance. As a result, minor problems are dealt with quickly, efficiently, and in most cases do not become major issues.